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Scott Bolte

M: 970-305-0993

"Geared to serve Fort Collins."

About Scott & Tandem Real Estate

Scott Bolte, owner & operator of the boutique Fort Collins agency, Tandem Real Estate is "geared" to serve your real estate needs with personalized attention, honest connection, and a diverse real estate background since in 2015. Northern Colorado is more than a market, it is home & that is why Scott uses Tandem Real Estate as a vehicle to give back to this community, investing time & capital into community events, fundraisers to benefit bike infrastructure, and putting wind in the sails of local nonprofits that are already working to make NoCo a better. Choose a real estate agent who has the experience to get it done, and the heart to do it the right way.

Proficiency, Passion, Realness

Scott began investing in real estate in 2015 working in renovations, multifamily, and rentals. This experience gives him a huge advantage over other agents who have only worked in retail sales. He understands how homes are built, he is a powerful negotiator, and has a deep pool of real estate knowledge. Combine this with a keen understanding of the local market, emerging trends, hard work ethic and you get results.

Scott uses his work in real estate as a platform to help build a Fort Collins into strong community that celebrates people of all gender orientation, races, religion, color, sex, and nationality. This is our home and Scott is dedicated to making it better for all people.

Lastly, Scott is committed to bring authenticity into every relationship and into every transaction. You’ll never get a “sales-person facade” that can otherwise be so prevalent in realtor culture. He is honest, transparent, proficient, playful and friendly.

My Story
The first time I visited Fort Collins on a bicycle. In 2014 I was living in Asheville, NC when a friend and I decided to go on a 1000-mile bicycle tour of Colorado. We rode all through the Rockies and eventually ended up in Fort Collins where my bicycle catastrophically broke down leaving us stranded in Fort Collins. Using couch surfing websites, we made a few new friends who showed us around town, and I instantly fell in love with all the charm of this great new place. After about a week in town it was time for our trip to end and I returned home to finish my degree in philosophy. After buttoning up my degree and home-life in Asheville, I promptly loaded a few of my possessions and my dog into my Honda and I drove the 24 hours straight back to Fort Collins. Since then I've been building a life here focusing on my community in the bike world and my professional career as a realtor and real estate investor.

I’ve been working in real estate since 2012 but my real passion is community development. I founded Tandem Real Estate in 2020 to marry two of my favorite activities. Now I serve the community of Fort Collins through passion projects and by offering professional help for those looking to buy or sell a home.

Professionally, I have been expanding my experience and skills while still taking time to play on the Colorado crags, snowy peaks, and rivers of my favorite mountain ranges. I've worked with commercial real estate syndication firms, participated in approximately 25 renovation projects, and own several rental properties here. Investing is my primary focus for achieving my long-term personal financial goals, but I also want to use the experience I've gained to help my fellow community members improve their futures through my work with this brokerage.

Scott Bolte
Independent Real Estate Broker
Tandem Real Estate
Fort Collins CO

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