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Scott Bolte & Tandem Real Estate

Scott Bolte & Tandem Real Estate

Welcome to Scott Bolte’s Tandem Real Estate Brokerage

Our mission is to represent and serve Northern Colorado’s community with love, inclusion and a relationship-based approach to real estate, giving you one-on-one attention to help accomplish your real estate needs. 

Tandem Real Estate is Fort Collins’ boutique, bicycle-friendly real estate brokerage. Our team consists of Scott Bolte, independent real estate broker and two part-time assistants.

Our function is quality real estate services, but our purpose is community development and investing back into the parts of Fort Collins that we want to see flourish such as bicycle advocacy, intentional city planning/development and protecting LGBTQ+ rights. 
We care for a Fort Collins that prioritizes the inclusion of all people, civic involvement, and community development. It is an incredible privilege to live in such a wonderful place, we want to honor that privilege by investing back into this fantastic place!

Whether you are buying your first home, building an investment portfolio or selling, we have the expertise and care to help you there.

Talk or text with Scott anytime. Better yet, schedule an in-person meeting and let us treat you to coffee or lunch.

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